AC Air Duct Cleaning

As the temperature begins to rise in Colorado it is time to consider AC air duct cleaning.  Keeping your air conditioner clean and maintained will reduce high energy bills, prevent untimely repairs and improve comfort. As an HVAC system operates dirt and debris is drawn from the ambient air and collects within the ventilation system.  Air duct cleaning removes the debris that is drawn within the the air conditioner components and will restore energy efficiency.

Evaporative Air Conditioning Coils

Evaporative coils, are air conditioning coils which are located above the furnace.  It is the extended surface of tiny fins that absorb heat from the air as air passes through the coil.  As dirt and debris builds within the air conditioner coils it begins to block air flow and act as an insulator preventing the efficient absorption of heat.

AC air duct cleaning will remove the dirt and debris from the coil fins allowing for efficient airflow.

Condensing Air Conditioner Coils

Condensor coils, are air conditioner coils which are located outside the home.  Condensor coils expel the heat that is drawn from the evaporative air conditioning coils.

AC air duct cleaning will remove debris that prevents the condensor coils from expelling heat.

Drain Pan

Drain pans are located below the evaporative air conditioning coils.  As heat is absorbed through the evaporative air conditioner coils, condensation occurs and the moisture is removed through the drain pan.  As dirt and debris mixes with the condensate, a build up of sludge can occur in the drain pan.  If the drain plug becomes plugged moisture will build and enter unintended areas causing costly damages.

Air conditioner duct cleaning will remove the dirt and debris from the drain pan and allow for unrestricted condensate removal.

AC Maintenance Tips:
  1. AC Inspections: Have the air conditioner inspected each year by an licensed HVAC contractor and have them provide a yearly tune-up prior to the heating season.
  2. Air Filter: Change the air filter every two months that the HVAC system is in operation.
  3. Clean Air Ducts: Have the ac air ducts cleaned.  Typically air duct require cleaning every 3-5 years, inspect the air ducts yearly.

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